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Wedding Collections

I can guarantee that many people have regretted not spending more on their wedding photographs. After the cake is gone, the dress is in the cedar chest and all the gifts you no longer use are sold at a garage sale; what you will have are your Photographs. Your Wedding Portraits will be around for many many years to come. Consider this thought as you decide on your bridal photography budget "how much will these photographs be worth to me in 30 years? 50 years? 80 years?". Once you have come to a conclusion, decide on which package is right for you.

Our Wedding Photography Collections are versatile, high quality and come packed with lots of love and attention. Click below to check out the different services we offer. You may just realize you haven't thought about the many opportunities to collect photographic memories as you journey over the bridge into marriage.







Your Wedding Dress fulfills the dream most of us have had since childhood. Make sure this special day is part of your Wedding Story and let me tag along, you will hardly know I'm there. Just kidding, I will make sure to document the joy of this special day. This package may not be for you if you are shy since I will be glued to your hip most of the time you are trying on dresses. Fair warning. LOL





So, are you planning the same ol' same ol' Bachelorette Party? You know, the one with a lot of alcohol, glow sticks and penis necklaces. Are the plans for your last night as a single lady unexciting and meaningless? I have a remedy for you.





Your Rehearsal Dinner is sure to be filled with spoofs and silliness. It is also likely to bring many touching toasts and sentimental moments. The added emotional value of your wedding album will only increase when adding these special times with your closest friends and family. 






Oh the day has finally come and the preparation is all finished, well, almost. Today is the day you become one with your soul mate, your partner in crime, The One and Only. Our Wedding Day Collection can be custom tailored to your needs. We are available to cover as much or as little of your day. However, if you are going for an All Day sort of photography collection, scroll on down to check out the money saving ways to package our services to get the most out of your investment.

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