Rumi Grey Images | Jacksonville FL Portrait Photographer | HOW TO - Download your Final Images with Digital Download Package

Downloading Your Final Images

...Instructions on How To download your purchased digital portraits...



These are the images you will want to download for all your printing needs. They are very large files and hold a lot of detail. You can make prints that are really big and the quality will remain high.

Go to the Client Access Page HERE and access your gallery.

  • Right Click the Image you wish to Download

  • Select "ORIGINAL" and enter the download password

    • the password is the same as your Gallery ID

  • Your download will start. You will need to do each step for each image.

  • These are High Resolution Images and will fulfill any of your printing desires. 


Mobile Download and Sharing

Please use the MOBILE APP to share on Social Media and other digital platforms.  

Why share Low Resolution Images? Here is why...

1. The original images are HUGE. They will not email or upload well. 

2. Others can download and use the images for purposes we do not intend.

3. It's SUPER SIMPLE to download and share them from your phone through the mobile app



  • After downloading, return to the email I sent, way at the bottom click "View Images"
  • You will be prompted to open your gallery on the website or APP
  • Make sure to select APP
  • Once you have the images in the app, you can easily download to your phone and share all over the world...
  • These images will be available for 12 months after your final images have been released to you. Make sure to get them all downloaded and saved. I suggest backing up all your mobile images on GOOGLE PHOTOS HERE

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