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What happens now?

1. I get your request and reach out within a few hours

2. We finalize and book your Portrait Session

3. I email you a questionnaire

4. Now, we get to growing this friendship of ours



A few more details.....

After receiving your time slot request, I will send you two emails.

The first will be a questionnaire. These are created using Google and help me get to know you better. I will include a bit about me, ya know, so you don't feel like it's an interrogation. Remember, the more detailed you are on the questionnaire, the more helpful it will be.

The second link will be a Paypal Payment Request. To confirm your Reserved Photography Slot, you will need to pay the Deposit. Don't have a Paypal account? No worries, just let me know and we will figure out something together. We will keep in close contact before your Photo Session. I have a number of photography tips and tools to help prepare you. There is no fake smiling for my camera, just real authentic expression. You don't smile? That's ok.. don't smile then.

The goal is to bring out the real you. I'm here to help you make this as simple as possible.. and a whole lot of fun too!!