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There are a lot of options below. But if you do not find what you are looking for, let me know. We can customize any collection.


Portrait Collections

Affordability Meets Quality. Get down and dirty with a quick photo session in the location of your choice. This package is for the budget and time conscious client. 

Invest a bit more and get more out of your photo shoot. This collection combines an outfit change and more digital images while keeping your budget in mind.

You can have it all, or at least all the good stuff, with this collection. When it's hard to choose between all the great images, then make it easy on yourself and go with Gold, our largest Portrait Collection.

Whether you are a family of 3 or 23, we have you covered. choose between two packages based on the number of people in your family. These versatile collections make getting your families pictures taken easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

Growing a new life is an amazing adventure. Capture all the magic before Sh*t hits the fan. The Maternity Collections allows your creativity to flow as we collaborate to make this short period in your life last forever.


Engagement & Wedding Collections


It doesn't have to cost a fortune to get professional images to share with your friends and family. The love you share will bless those around you as you grow together in life. 


Make your photo shoot count with more images and an outfit change in the Engagement Collection 2. 

The most unique and diverse Engagement Portrait Collection in Jacksonville Florida. We plan out a trip around the city to visit your favorite spots and special places which are a part of your love story. Images are taken at each location give you a wide variety of images which is ideal for printed albums and sharing with everyone you know. 


So, are you planning the same ol' same ol' Bachelorette Party? You know, the one with a lot of alcohol, glow sticks and penis necklaces. Are the plans for your last night as a single lady unexciting and meaningless? I have a remedy for you.



Our Wedding Photography Collections are versatile, high quality and come packed with lots of love and attention. Click above to check out the different services we offer. You may just realize you haven't thought about the many opportunities to collect photographic memories as you journey over the bridge into marriage.



Tour Collections


What's a Tour Collection, you ask? It goes like this. We pack up the car with some outfits, snacks and my equipment. Then we drive around Jacksonville FL to amazing places and take your Portraits. The collaboration and pure sense of adventure makes these Portrait Sessions crazy fun. Your images always turn out creative and unique, which is exactly what we are all about, being unique. Click below to find out more.

The City Tour Portrait Collection combines fun, variety and that special touch that is unique to you. If you are looking for portraits as unique as you are, this collection is screaming your name. I know you can hear it! 

Pack up you and your honey, some clothes, touch up makeup and some snacks, join me and my goofy self as we tour the city of Jacksonville Florida and take advantage of its beauty. The Engagement Tour Collection will surely give your Engagement Portraits that extra "umphfff" you are looking for.




Event Collections



After all the work to coordinate your event, add the extra touch with Professional Photographs. This package allows for coverage starting at one hour and up. Stick within your budget by selecting just the number of hours you need. 

Get total coverage for your Corporate Event with the option to purchase full rights to use the images in digital and printed marketing efforts.