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Bachelorette Boudoir Party Collection

So, are you planning the same ol' same ol' Bachelorette Party? You know, the one with a lot of alcohol, glow sticks and penis necklaces. Are the plans for your last night as a single lady unexciting and meaningless? I have a remedy for you. Your Bridesmaids deserve a unique gift, right? I mean they have put up with "the Bride" for some time now (wink wink) and could use some fun and relaxation. Treat your girlies and yourself to an amazing confidence building experience, Boudoir Photography. 

Imagine this: you and your ladies owning the fact that you are all sexy, unique Goddesses, sipping beverages of your choice in your silky robes and fluffy slippers. The laughter, music and positive vibes (maybe the drinks too) are fuel for each Beauty to embrace their unique self and show it off. This is boudoir but remember, some may feel uncomfortable with the idea. If that's the case we can take care of that with a different kind of boudoir shoot that fits their personality better.

Start off your marriage right with some ultra sexy portraits to gift your Groom the night of the wedding. Keep it a surprise or let him in on the fun, however you like. Thank your Bridesmaids with the final images gifted digitally, by printed album or even prints to hang in their bedrooms. This is not only a unique party and gift idea but a life changing experience that will change the way your and your favorite women will feel about and see themselves forever.