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Hey you, I’m so glad you stopped by! My name is Dawn. It’s great to meet you! I’m sure you’re asking, “what makes this one different than some other Jacksonville FL Photographers? ” PASSION. Passion for the people who trust me with their stories, passion for sharing their story and enriching others lives by doing so. Passion for helping you feel comfortable in your own skin, erasing that forced "SMILE" in all your other portraits. Hey, you don't even have to smile...  Rumi Grey Images revolves around CONNECTIONS: making them, keeping them and nurturing them.  

I'm a creative (like seriously, one might think I owned an art store in my past life), goofy, cat loving (yep, one of those, we have 4), badass Mom and Wife who happens to be an out-of-the-box Jacksonville FL Photographer (and a dark chocolate addict, I confess). It has been a lifelong dream to merge my love of creating, building relationships and my "job" into a way to serve others and help support my family.  Insert a 40th Birthday Gift from my parents, a DSLR Camera. I was floored! I thought "WOW! Now I get to torture my family with the constant snapping of my camera, but I am going to use this to bless others". That's the stuff that really fills the soul. My love for photography has stretched my lifetime, but having such an amazing instrument was a game changer.

My mission is to make portraits that capture your true essence. I’m not looking for the facade that comes out when a camera is pointed at you. I want you to see yourself in your images and remember the special things that were happening in your life. My goal is to help you feel comfortable in your own skin, which is something I happen to be very good at I must say. AND, there is NO fake posing!! Well, maybe a little so your hands don't look all weird and stuff. Most importantly, I want you to have fun, feel free to express yourself and feel empowered when you leave your photo session.

You know that saying "a photograph says a thousand words"? I think it's the feeling you get when you look at a image that says everything. That emotional response when you see a deeply  moving image. That giggle that starts in your belly or the tears that well up in your eyes, that's the good stuff. I'm just lucky enough to capture it on camera. Join me and have the Best Darn Photography Experience​ of your life. I am excited to hear from you.